Simplified, Transparent Fee Schedule.

Fees that won't break the bank, simplicity to the challenging realm of cryptocurrency, and a highly secure platform are just a few of the features available on NYXEX.

Low fees

transparent pricing.

With and the NYXEX App (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store), you can effortlessly purchase, sell, or trade over 40 cryptocurrencies. Buying stablecoins with EUR or exchanging them with another stablecoin incurs a modest 0.8% fee. If you choose to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, like ETH, a 1.3% fee will be applied. Experience seamless transactions and explore the world of cryptocurrencies with NYXEX.

Exchange Fee
1.3% fee for crypto or FX pair / 0.8% fee stablecoin
Payment Card Processing Fee
3.55% + $/€0.23
Digital Wallet Payments Processing Fee
3.55% + $/€0.23

NYXEX's matching engine is programmed to trade with the market to match buyer and seller orders. It may be done on a single exchange or across multiple exchanges if they all have the same rules and regulations, known as mixed markets. When your order is completed (matched with another customer's order), we charge a fee (0% to 0.24 percent of the total cost (value) of your purchase, depending on the transaction type.

Currency Deposit
On standard trading pairs, the minimum fee is 0.16% and the maximum fee is 0.20%. The maximum cost per transaction on stablecoin and FX combinations is 0.11%.

Whether you're just starting with investing or if you're a seasoned crypto trader, you'll discover a suitable NYXEX product that meets your demands at an affordable price. Learn more about the cost structure for each of our services by reviewing the table below.

Margin Fees - Opening & Rollover
.01% - .02% based on region
0.00% - 0.04%


deposit options.

You can conveniently deposit funds into your account using the digital assets we support, as well as local funding methods based on your location. Whether it's through bank cards, SEPA, bank transfers, or other options, we've got you covered. Once the confirmation process is complete, all cryptocurrency deposits will be credited to your account. After completing the identity verification process, you'll be able to start trading. Our partnerships allow us to offer a seamless experience in over 170 countries. All fees are clearly displayed in your wallet, based on your location, and the funding method will be agreed upon before the transaction takes place.