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NYXEX Reliability & Security

Before each token may be listed on the NYXEX, it must go through a thorough security check to ensure it is secure for consumers. The goal of the NYXEX framework is to identify and minimize risks to a digital asset's NYXEX Reliability. NYXEX Reliability refers to validating the capacity of a company, such as a bank or stock exchange, to receive, store, and transmit digital assets. NYXEX specializes in our evaluation to streamline a token's procedure to trade freely when an asset may follow an open standard implementation, such as ERC-20.

IP Monitoring & MFA

With IP Monitoring, NYXEX moves to the future by providing users with real-time notifications if their account is accessed from an unknown location or from a different computer or browser than they're used to. NYXEX uses OTPs, or One-Time Passwords, which are those four- to eight-digit codes that you frequently get via email, SMS, or some other type of mobile software. Every time an authentication request is submitted, a new code is generated. The code is made using a seed value assigned to the user when they register.

Your transactions are extremely secure

Self-serve account locks may be confirmed using our online withdrawal notification system.

Another layer of security is provided by configurable account termination for a separate layer.

To keep your account safe, NYXEX uses Google 2FA (Google Authenticator or Yubikey) and/or Authy with a six-digit secret key.

Data is fully encrypted at rest and while in transit, ensuring that no one without the proper credentials has access to it.

When you use HTTPS to connect to NYXEX, your information is secured with SSL encryption, which ensures that your personal details remain private.

Emergency support for serious issues: high-priority live chat and email assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.