The US platform is now open for Pre-registration


The Android application for NYXEX is now open to the public following our recent partnership with a US liquidity provider. Pre-registration is currently available, and please note that all features not locked out or required are in test mode only. Additionally, the wallet address given inside the application should not be used to store your coins as it is on Testnet. After we go live, your wallet will be activated, and you'll be able to send coins there, including RORA. The NYXEX team will add new features over the next few months, so you'll receive multiple Android and Apple device updates. Finalizing the Apple version and pre-registering users on it is our top priority now that we have received approval from Apple on the structure of the pre-registration. If you find any bugs while using our new platform, please report them to support@nyxex.com via our ticketing system and include your wallet address for payment. We will catalog the issue, fix it as soon as possible, and reward you for your help!

Thank you all, and we look forward to bringing you the best possible experience.