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In light of the closure of prominent financial firms that supported cryptocurrencies, another 25-basis point increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, and continued struggles with regulatory measures from the SEC, it is prudent to pause operations on our platforms. After listening to all of our partners' and stakeholders' thoughts, we believe that now is not the right moment to launch a crypto exchange in either the US or international waters until there are more definitive legal and financial regulations. At this time, every exchange must be registered with the SEC before they can operate; unfortunately we are still assessing both the timeline and cost associated with such process. Regardless, any additional information will be posted on our website as soon as it becomes available.

RoRa coins will continue to progress and audits are set to begin this summer. On April 1st, a team of experts will be formed with the sole purpose of auditing and distributing coins onto exchanges around the world. When these tasks have been completed successfully, all updates regarding coin distribution will be posted on the website for everyone's convenience; eliminating any need for emails in regards to future news or information about RoRa coins.